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Wazzup, World?

Wazzup, World? was a cancelled spin-off on Oobi at Work created on November 7, 2011. It was cancelled because of the 2014 OAW spin-off, Now Hiring Hands.

Type: Cancelled video series

Based on: Oobi at Work

Episode count: 5 scheduled, 0 aired

Created By: Bradley Smith

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Oobi at Work News
Oobi at Work was canceled back in January 2012, but that's not the end of Oobi's adventures. A new spin-off on the show called Now Hiring Hands premiered April 2014. It introduces Orango Fruitzen, a new employee at the Work Building, as well as his computer-savvy coworker, Tech Guy. The villain from OAW, Sue, returns in the videos along with her new assistant, Henchhand. However, the videos did not air on YouTube like the OAW series; they aired on the official Oobi at Work Blogspot site. To go there and watch the videos, click here!

About Oobi at Work
Oobi at Work is a series of adventure-themed videos based on the successful Noggin TV show, Oobi, created by Josh Selig. The videos follow the adventures of Oobi, now an adult, working at a large building run by a not-so-strict Boss.

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