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Oobi Wazzup
Secretary Ilykfonez
Boss Benge
Sue Worrellman
Peter Policeman
Ol' Blue Eyes

Featured Episode


Trouble with Traveling

Trouble with Traveling is the sixteenth episode of Oobi at Work from the third season, and the sixty-sixth segment in the series overall.

In this episode, Oobi decides to walk home from work using a different route than usual, and ends up on a journey through the beautiful forest.

Read MORE about Trouble with Traveling here!

Featured Character

Orango BASIC

Orango Fruitzen

Orango Fruitzen is the protagonist of the Oobi at Work spin-off, Now Hiring Hands. He is Oobi Wazzup's second cousin, twice removed, and shares many of Wazzup's characteristics. He is easygoing and fun-loving, always looking for an opportunity to relax. He originally decided to get a job at Boss Benge's Work Building to escape bankruptcy, but has since come to love his co-workers and intends to remain a Work Building employee for the rest of his life. Read more about Orango here!

Oobi at Work News

Now Hiring Hands - a miniseries taking place after Oobi and Secretary have retired - has come to an end. Now, Oobi at Work Productions is taking time to create a short film. However, there is a new music video available celebrating Oobi at Work! It contains scenes from Oobi at Work episodes, and also a never-before-seen clip from a cancelled episode! You can watch it on the official site.

About Oobi at Work

Oobi at Work is a series of adventure-themed videos created in 2010 as a tribute to the phenomenal Noggin TV show, Oobi, created by Josh Selig. The videos follow the adventures of Oobi, now an adult, working at a large building run by a not-so-strict Boss.

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