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Oobi at Work

Live-action short film series
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Bradley Smith

Oobi at Work (often shortened to "OAW") is a series of short films created as a tribute to the Noggin television series Oobi. The series was put into production during December 2010.

The episodes were available on YouTube from February 24, 2011 until April 7, 2014. However, several other sites currently feature the videos. For example, the series' Valentine's Day episode is available on a Secretary Day gift-promoting website.


Oobi, age 21, is working for a business company. He is in love with the secretary and often takes her out on dates after the work day is done. Oobi almost never actually works. Instead, he goes on epic quests and adventures to satisfy the head of the company, Boss, and also dreams to one day marry Secretary. Oobi often fools around rather than completing his assignments, causing him to get caught up in a lot of trouble with Boss in the series. In many episodes, a previous employee, Sue Worrellman, tries to destroy the work building or at least take control of it. Normally, after her attempts, she is thrown into the Oobi City Jail by Peter and Ol' Blue Eyes the policemen.


Oobi Wazzup

Oobi at Work fan art
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Main article: Oobi Wazzup

Oobi Wazzup plays as the show's main protagonist of the series. Oobi is in love with Secretary and loves adventures. He works for a business company with Secretary and Boss. He claims to have a history of loud burping.

Secretary Ilykfonez

Main article: Secretary Ilykfonez

Secretary Ilykfonez plays as the deuteragonist of the series. She is Oobi's love life. With an orange flower for a barette, Secretary manages to keep the same hairdo and always look her best. She has blonde hair and never disappoints Oobi even after his epic fails.

Boss Benge

Main article: Boss Benge

Boss Benge plays as the tritagonist (and, occasionally, the antagonist) of the series. He is the head of the company. He is extremely fun-loving and enjoys working with his hired employees. Instead of being the normal mean and grouchy boss, Boss is the opposite and almost never makes anyone work.

Sue Worrellman

Main article: Sue Worrellman

Sue Worrellman plays as the main antagonist of the series. She was not originaly a main character, but was annouced to be one in August of 2011. She has red eyes and no hair. The character was not one of the series' original characters; she first appeared in the eighteenth episode (after a brief cameo appearance in episode 13). Since her debut, she has appeared in most episodes.

Peter Policeman

Main article: Peter Policeman

Peter Policeman is a member of the Oobi City Police. He is partners with Ol' Blue Eyes. He is revealed to have a deep, angry-sounding voice in season three and continues to have this voice for the rest of the series' run as his old portrayer, Megan Everette, decided she would only play as Secretary for the rest of the series, causing Peter to receive a new portrayer, Peterson Bianchi, whom he is named after. The character did not have a name until season three began. He is more serious than Ol' Blue Eyes and appears more than him. The character is shown multiple times chasing Sue (without any help from Ol' Blue Eyes) for no known reason during season three and four.

Ol' Blue Eyes

Main article: Ol' Blue Eyes

Ol' Blue Eyes is a blue-eyed hand puppet and doughnut-loving policeman of Oobi City. He works for the FBI and Oobi City Police Department. The character is a good friend of Oobi Wazzup, Secretary Ilykfonez, and Boss. Ol' Blue Eyes is almost always seen with his partner, Peter Policeman. His eyes are identical to those of the unnamed blue-eyed employee at the work building.


Oobi at Work was cancelled in January 2012. Discluding its first week on YouTube, (which on the same day released five new episodes) it produces one episode per week. The first episode, New Secretary in Town, was uploaded on February 24, 2011. The final episode, Unhappily Ever After, aired on January 13, 2012.

Episode list

See List of "Oobi at Work" episodes.


Every Oobi at Work video is uploaded to YouTube by the user Oobiatwork. Every video is located in the category "Comedy". Also, comments are disabled on Oobi at Work videos due to a low amount of time for Oobiatwork to answer them.


  • There are only three hand styles for the main character puppets, like in the original Oobi. The original series is not similar, though, when the fact of there are six main OAW characters is considered (there are four main Oobi characters).
  • The first episode was filmed in December 2010, though aired two and a half months later.
  • The character Ol' Blue Eyes does not appear much, though is classified main due to Peter Policeman being considered a major puppet (the two are often seen together).

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