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Oobi at Work

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Short film series
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February 25, 2011
January 13, 2012
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Oobi at Work is a series of short films distributed by Oobi at Work Productions. The series was put into production during December 2010. The episodes are currently aired exclusively on DCPS, a public-access television network based in Duval County, Florida.


Oobi, a fun-loving hand puppet, works for Boss Benge's company. Though he is an office worker, Oobi is often ordered to save the business from the villainous Sue Worrellman alongside his assistant Secretary.


Oobi Wazzup

Main article: Oobi Wazzup

Oobi Wazzup plays as the protagonist of the series. Oobi is in love with Secretary and loves adventures. He works for a business company with Secretary and Boss. He is kindhearted and sweet, although he often gets his friends into trouble.

Secretary Ilykfonez

Main article: Secretary Ilykfonez

Secretary Ilykfonez plays as the deuteragonist of the series. She is Oobi's love life. With an orange flower for a barette, Secretary manages to keep the same hairdo and always look her best. She has blonde hair and never disappoints Oobi even after his epic fails.

Boss Benge

Main article: Boss Benge

Boss Benge plays as the tritagonist of the series. He is the head of the company. Boss enjoys working with his hired employees. Instead of being the normal mean and grouchy boss, Boss is the opposite and almost never makes anyone work.

Sue Worrellman

Main article: Sue Worrellman

Sue Worrellman plays as the main antagonist of the series. She seeks revenge on Boss for firing her, and will stop at nothing until the Work Building is destroyed.

Peter Policeman

Main article: Peter Policeman

Peter Policeman is the sheriff of the Oobi City Police and Sue's greatest enemy. He loves to make up new laws that often make little to no sense.

Ol' Blue Eyes

Main article: Ol' Blue Eyes

Ol' Blue Eyes is a doughnut-loving hand puppet who works at nearly every establishment in the city. He has worked for Boss and as Peter Policeman's partner.

Other characters

For a list of recurring and minor characters, see "List of Oobi at Work characters."


The first episode, "New Secretary in Town," aired on February 24, 2011. The final episode, "Unhappily Ever After," aired on January 13, 2012.

Episode list

See List of "Oobi at Work" episodes.


  • The first episode was filmed in December 2010, though it aired two and a half months later.
  • Several sources (such as Wikipedia and TV Tropes) group the Now Hiring Hands episodes in with the Oobi at Work series, classifying the spin-off as a sixth season.

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